Saturday, June 28, 2008 is suddenly hot in Asia. The site has gotten a few new bargument submissions from Singapore, and one from Japan. I pasted the latest one below. It verges too close to the "no buzz kill'' rule about barguments, so it doesn't make the cut for the site. But I post it here to demonstrate the growing barguments international sensation.

Speaking of which, Simon & Schuster just told me they sold the foreign rights to Barguments in Estonia. A no-brainer, of course, but encouraging news nonetheless.

New bargument:
Title: Would you rather regret something you did or regret something you did not do
Options:1. regret what you've done
2. regret what you've not done
User name: jerry yee heng jie
Location: singapore

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What about that chokey thing Vader does?

Another bargument that came from a listener during that North Carolina radio appearance:

Could you cut Superman with a light saber?

[This question apparently has divided the Sci-Fi universe. Find some research on this topic , doing stereotypes complete justice, here.]

That inspired another bargument later in the show:

If you could have a drink with any super-hero, who would it be?

Most popular answer from the callers: Wonder Woman.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Next on American Bandstand, a young gentleman named...FIFTY Cent

I was on the Allan Handleman show in North Carolina last night promoting the book. This was my second time on the show, and his listeners called in with some pretty good barguments. I'll write more about the show in a later post, but wanted to quickly get this new bargument on the blog. I missed the guy's name who suggested it, but I think it's perfect. Need to fiddle with the wording before putting it on the site. The bargument, after my initial tinkering:

You can take one musical group or performer from the last 10 years back to 1958, where you'll be a struggling record producer. Who do you bring?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Barguments may have found its niche audience: soap opera fans. Someone on this soap opera message board liked the book and started posting barguments for fellow soap-heads to debate. It's become one of the liveliest bargument battles I've seen yet on the Internet (with the possible exception of Bob Marley v. Bruce Springsteen on

I was pretty pleased with the different opinions, and how pissed some people were that others even considered disagreeing with them. It does reveal one dud from the book though: Which is worse on a man: baldness or back hair. That really was a clunker-- of course back hair is worse. Should have been back hair or ear hair.

Oh well. Maybe for the second edition..