Friday, November 6, 2009

Duke v. Carolina

Matthew called into the Alan Handelman show just a second ago (I'm still on the air while typing this) and gave a great Bargument:

What's the best rivalry in sports?

Matthew picked the headline match-up in basketball.

(By the way, no one is getting my jokes on this show. Someone called in to say the David Spade commercial where he's inserted into a Tommy Boy scene with Chris Farley was the worst commercial on tv. I said: Remember, David Spade leeched off Farley throughout his career, why not in death? SILENCE.)


Jennifer said...

I thought you were funny and wondered why no one else laughed. My hubby and I enjoyed your site tonight!

Ryan Talbert said...

I live in NC and the Duke v. Carolina rivalry does seem to be a big deal but it is nothing compared to Celtic v. Rangers now thats a rivalry!

Coconut Grove Sailing Club said...

Thank you Jennifer and Jennifer's husband. It was a TOUGH room. And thank you Ryan for being so brave as to dismiss (while living in Carolina) ACC basketball's role in the center of the universe there.