Saturday, November 7, 2009

Submarine versus Prison

One bargument on the site I thought would be a sure hit but is actually very lopsided is this one:

Would you rather spend a year on a submarine or a year in prison?

Submarine is winning in a runaway, 77 percent to 23 percent. But I would go with prison.

I'm not sure people are really grasping life in a sub: you're in this cramped tube 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, never seeing the sun, or getting outside or having any hope of leaving. Prison, you've got the mess hall and the yard and visitors... Sharing a cell and an open-air toilet with someone WOULD be rough, and there's the occasional shivving and worse...

But I think I'd go insane quicker on a sub. If I had to pick life in prison or life in a sub, I'd go with a sub.

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agedcheddar said...

Definitely the sub. In the first place, as a crewman aboard a U.S. Navy warship, I have rights and dignity not granted me in prison. Second, no one sexually assaults a navy crewman aboard ship and survives it. Third, I will be Stateside in a year. Fourth, i have a job for which I am trained and which I believe is useful. Fifth, I am paid a helluva lot more than I am as a prisoner making license plates. Sixth, as an applicant with a resume showing service as a U.S. Submarine Service mariner, I have a far better chance at a job than as a convicted felon.
And finally, as a U.S. Navy Submariner, I walk tall and look others in the eye.